10 Ways To Use How To Organize Apps To Your Advantage

how to organize apps

Many people question is how to organize apps for android or how to organize apps on iPhone. We have mainly used two operating system phones in this article we have talked to some common methods used for both systems.

We have talked about productivity for day to day use for mobile and first, we have organized our phone for apps to better use for our phone and best use for not for unproductive people

We have mobile use for productivity and there is the best way to we have organized to over apps w have priority wise arrange and many more we have seen this some method for the best way to organize apps and organize is the best method for the first step to productive and better products we have complete our daily goal, monthly goal, yearly goal, and our life goal.

How to Organize apps Your Home Screen

How do I organize android apps

Our home screen is the best to use the area for useful apps collection for daily use I said is useful for productivity not for social media 

Home screen for such collection of notes todo apps and other for you can plan your daily life and complete your task for the end of the day.

First, choose your productivity app and press their app all apps are popup and shaking in mobile and we can easily be dragging your location for the home screen.

Some are use note like a sticky note on the home screen for there boost their productivity this is good practice for productivity now  we can use this system for home screen with 

We can use our important task to write a home screen and every time we unlock the phone we have to see these notes and remember for this task to complete today 

Put Important Apps on the First Home Screen

How to organize apps on iPhone

There is the best way to put all apps on the home screen but we have some type of apps use on the home screen like calendar todo list notes some time we have similar type apps are using in mobile like shopping for amazon, Flipkart, myntra and many other so this time we have frequently most use an app like amazon so put this app are home screen and other is the second screen.

Sometimes we have many todos apps use for office, home, and side hustle apps for we have to find what apps are used for and dragging to your home screen

This is the best way to categorize and put your home screen some time we realize this app is more useful in our mobile  

In this type, we have priority apps and daily use apps to boost our productivity and complete our daily tasks. 

You Can Put Folders in the Dock

There is more important to use your dock oh what is a dock? Generally, the dock is our phone lower are is a dock there is 4 or 5 apps space not for many apps there is not change when we have changes screen like we have 5 pages and phone unlock and swipe one page to another page but the dock is not changed.

Mostly this dock have we have to call a massaging but more than to use for we have most important apps put there area and lick todos, calendar and any other apps we can put their entire folder in this area.

There is a better way for a dock for productivity and we have all time we saw our goal and font of eyes complete this faster and ready to another task for complete this way to more access most frequently apps for use and day by day we have better for our life.

Organize Folders by App Type

The best way to organize apps on android for a folder system we have similar apps for one place and imaging we have to save a lot of time for finding in the phone but the question is how to folder create for apps? We have pushed for the app and dragging to overlap other app and the android system automatically create an app for these two app groups we have many apps add to this folder 

First, same apps for our purpose and one folder to do this we have organized app for divided our purpose folder like photoaging apps folder, baking folders, shopping folder, gaming folder 

Our purpose to same category apps on one folder this organized system same out many time for fiding apps

For example – we have a music app folder and we can easily access apps there is the best way to your mobile apps for organization and this habit is most used for your productivity 

Organize App Icons by Color

Some person is really like to organize by color same colors app is in one place like google apps they have the same color apps for but different work so on an android phone we have seen all same color google apps in one folder that we have.

Some big company have many apps for different purpose use some time we saw this type of apps and we have organized on one place there is best practice for app icons by color organization 

Same color code organization is sometimes good or sometimes bad but how we this type of system use really matters to us.

We have used the same color apps are drag and drop for one folder or same page.

Create folders on your home screen

Yes we can use this system for the lazy way this system is repeated the third time but believe this is a totally different way to the organizational system 

Use your daily use apps in one folder and there are put on your home screen there is the best way all apps in one place for your daily use 

First, long press for drag for other app overlap and android system are automatically creat folder and second time other apps long-press and put over lap for this folder and we can  all the apps on one place then we can put this folder in our mobile home screen 

Get RID of unused apps

We have all-time use  new apps in the mobile but many time we have this app use in one time and we have to forget about this application 

In daily use, we have hardly more than ten apps use but on our mobile phone we have more than 40 to 50 apps installed 

But infrequently we have uninstalled this app to release our storage space and more in apps are collecting our data to allow the system for installing the first time we have installed the application. Many apps running our background process and our phone is hanging and heat there is one solution for delete this application and relax.

Try files by google 

Files by Google is very using fill application for providing by google this application provide our mobile phone this is providing data for free space in our application this application is a cleanup feature and this is showing up to unused application and document to show and we have deleted and uninstalled apps data free to our space to 

This app finding a duplicate and same document show for small space realized 

For example – we have take photos but our nature is we have taken the same photo for many clicks because we have 5 photos to click and one is best but what for 4 other same photos then we have used this application and delete the same photos we have taken 

Frequency of app usage

We have some apps that are used on a daily basis and more than we have used every 30 minute or 60 minutes this time we have the most used app is used in an easy place to we have access easily  we have put on the home screen and first page or dock many ways to use 

Some persona is used frequently in Instagram or medium for consuming a knowledge for share this platform and they are using an every 30 to 60 minutes and this application are put on the home screen and one folder that best way to use 

I have used for most frequently apps are my home screen some person uses first page or one folder but we have decided to which organization system we have used.

Alphabetical order

Some old people are use app in alphabetical order for this system are used in computer for right-click and short by name this system is used in the mobile phone this is not used for mobile because we have to rearrange some time but in some people are used this system 

In the android phone, we have set alphabetical order use press home screen and click three dots are select alphabetical order and all the apps are in alphabetical order you can use for don’t arrange your application manually and you can automatically arrange manually this is the best way to save your time and this time use for another thing 


Doesn’t matter which method are you used in How To Organize Apps. my advice pick one method and stick with it if you not comfortable use another method and stick with if you comfortable then use this method are save much time we don’t imagine and over life is easy for day to day mobile use we have better productivity and many more 

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