How to be productive in 2021

how to be productive

when we have some time thing how to be productive in 2021 I havve discover some research to some methods to use and you have be more productive in day life this may help you to in day to day life achieve you goal feel motivation.

How to be Productive?

when we have all day (24 hours) for use more specific work and this work is our dream goal achieve fast then other person and this method to use for productive people.

this article explain to some method to use you can be productive 

Set timer and time block

Every time started work set deadline and timing this is the best productivity for successful people Elon musk and others. 

In the small and big company uses there system for every time project started management team set a deadline and manager or team leader should be a complete project on deadline. 

We can use the app or digital watch to calculate our time.

Push all notification

we have all distractions on productivity destroy on one notification they kill our focus on our work.

The best solution is working time we have our phone in airplane mode or other apps to use to help this time block to push all notification on the app store we have a bunch of this type apps are available 

List to music

Music is the best medicine for the mind we have learned music we feel relax and boost over energy. In human nature different moods different songs list.

We have always a collection of the song for refresh stress less music playlist ready for increase productivity In recent time we have a bunch of music app available.

Find meaning in what you do

When we have started work our first question is why I am doing this? What kind of effect doing this work? 

Finding purpose there work. When you study first question why I study? What purpose of this course?

We have asked a question we have to realize their work value and this value we have complete this work fast and quality work.

Priority tasks 

Always task is must include priority tag this is easy finding what task is important or not  for how much time is required 

In productive people are create a daily task list and they have priority wise define their work.

At this time we have a bunch of task applications available rather than note or pen writing task is best for you.

Group of similar work on a single task 

At some time we have many tasks but their process is simpler for all tasks like email check for all projects and chat with a client, phone calls, etc.

first, find out what is similar in the day many time work so this similar work is a bunch on one single task and completes this task on one session this is lots of time-saving tricks.

Difficult task complete first 

yes this is truly complete your most difficult task on the day started this is the best to hack your productivity

Be first complete your difficult task then we have relaxed and more motivate complete another task this is the best part many productivity gurus has followed this method and they have achieved their goal quick for other people.

Reward yourself 

finishing your task or small project you can reward yourself to god blessing you to completer this task and prepare for another task and promise to better quality for this task.

This small reward to increase your motivation and task completion ratio is increased this is the best productivity hack. 

Don’t multitask

Yes this sentence is right in the digital age some people manage one or two, three thing in a single time but this is not a productivity task some and many leaks of productivity for successful people 

One time on task time block we have one thing doing this time block only one task performed this is best productivity work and this method we have complete work in a deadline 

Step away from your mobile 

In the digital age, this mobile eats most of the time mobile ring one notification and boom we have 30 to 40 spend on mobile.

So the best thing is when you start your work or study put your mobile is another room or switch off another airplane mode on mobile is not see any notification and we have not broken the time block 

Use focus apps

Technology helps us to make sure we have work on right direction not many time mobile is not good but if we use a proper or good reason to use this mobile is very helpful full

In google play store many have time management apps for increasing our productivity this app actually simple and easy to use so keep using this app

Just start work

Many time we have the hardest part is starting work this first step is most of the hardest part we have everything our goal and make sure everything is fine but when we start not perfect we have to close this work 

But sometimes we have just started whatever work is not perfect but start in every time to time we have improved the work.  

Productive hours finding

In 24 hours we have only one hour productive for our but first finding your productive hours 

some person are morning person that have all quality work in the morning and some person is night owl they have quality work on the night 

finding your productive hour do consistent work and better productivity 

Keep notebook and pen on hand at all time

This is the best part of productivity use a small diary or pens another you can use a writing pad or pen.

This is less distraction more clarity for the oldest method we have used writing is best for mind work and this boosts our power to do again and this is best for productivity.

Write a blog to own personal development and achievement.

writing a blog for the personal blog for your achievement and what tools and technic use for achieving this goal 

when we have writing a blog for small achievement we have more motivated  for another goal achievement 

we can use a WordPress self-hosted for best star personal blog this is easy to use and many tutorials are available for how to create a WordPress blog available on the internet 

Write out a to-do list each day

To-do list is most useful for day start for in morning a writing an all task to complete on this day 

There is much application available on play store and many daily planner diaries available for use in the morning our day start with a to-do list for we have better productivity 

Write your most important task and to-dos on the calendar

Good time management is managing your calendar daily work your meeting and events family function etc we have social animal and we have participant of all imporatan events and this is best  part is we have all event use calander many people are use cander system and managing their time. 

Reflect on your productivity consultant

As we imaging for productivity guru and this work to handle, what is our streturgy for this work 

Think as guru reflect you self on mirror and this is best for work done by more aquert and quality work 

Much big companies hire for better productivity and doing better quality work 

Get up early before anyone else

Many successful people are wake early this is the best productivity hours for our for less distraction no phone calls,  no family distraction 

This time we have used daily goal writing planning to work for more productive growth hours shape on the body 

The most benefit is we have an extra one hour to complete our work on our dream goal 

Get  plenty of sleep

Sleep is most important in life for all-day work our body is stress and most of energy lose this time some rest our body to gain energy 

If we  could not rest our bodies then we have loose productivity hours. In next day we have body pain and stress full work and mood off to complete our task 

Best is we have slept well and healthy sleep to our body and mind to boost our energy 


Daily exercise is most people are used they have daily morning routing for an exercise boost our productivity blood circulation better and our mind is more came and we have to do our work better and better

In this most of persona for doing is shape up the body for doing more work for better and productive

Outsource as much as possible

Many successful personas and most of businessman is outsource there work and doing work for best for they doing 

In Tim ferries book are the 4 hours work week are explain to how to outsource there work as much as and doing your great work you have a master 

Set some exciting goals

Goal setting is best for our life what purpose our life many gurus tell a SMART goal seating measuring for our goal and complete 

This is better for motivation and doing more work for better production quality work for  once complete our goal do another goal setting for bigger then 

Tell other people about your goal

In  some successful people tell their a goal for our team or friends and family from how they work and how to achieve their goal full strategy explain their goal

That is much more and excited about their goal for passionate about their work its more energy to complete their goal and celebrate their achievement 

Listen to podcast

In Morden age podcast for productivity or personal development podcast there is no a requirement to watch this is lists and doing our work 

Many people are listing to radio or develop their growth does better work and quality work for use their knowledge to other work what they experience and what can do better that is their motivation.

Read David allens best selling book “Getting thing done”

This book is all productivity read books this is best for productivity and doing most urgent work for productivity

This book also available on amazon and various language printed their books this also available for audio available 

This book as many technique and trick in-depth and getting more knowledge to how to handle our work balancing life for personal to officinal   

Speed reading

Speed reading is best for reading book in fast complete for half time and saves time doing other work there are increases over productivity

There are many books available to speed book technique teach there many about select one method and doing practicing this method and we have to do speed reading  

Learn to skip when you read

Sometimes overbook is as long as long story to stretch there writing and we do some boing this time we have realized to this is time westing so skip this portion and save more time to and complete reading book is in half time 

In this books, we have some portion that is worthless and skip this portion 

Focus on result 

Focus is best for productivity for and fast completing work more quality there work but sometimes we have only focus oriented activities  

Focus on the result and doing better result getting work this method for we have not to distract for other unnecessary work doing our goal-oriented work for better result

Take a break

Take break go-to vacation for change and getting new ideas for other thin this is many help you for personal development traveling the best medicine for work 

Take a break to restart our brain and new idea and a new method to work there is many productivity gurus are brek for there work and come back with new ideas.

Starting sleep schedule

Start scheduling our sleep is best for productivity and this habit for the long term is a most beneficial in life. We have developed a schedule and step with and 21 days this habit to increase our productivity and health

We have developed this habit and stick with it and the next day we have more energy to doing other work.

Learn to say “No”

Say No to unnecessary work and this work are killed over productivity some time in office we have work on some task and suddenly new work on assign our this time we have talked to over team leader to not doing this work because I have a already some work

To stop unproductive work and doing for productive work 

Go on an information diet

Read the daily newspaper blog post and daily new knowledge getting and diet to there knowledge and some time we have this information to use to better work 

In some time this information are we have diet read a book, medium blog and apps for news and save read latter this is diet to information 

Organize your office

First, organize office to minimal and inspired more productive work and grate example to other doing quality work 

Our office is most of the time we have spent with time and fast work and more work doing we have achieved our goal and some benchmark we set for other people.

Find a mentor

In every field, we have at least one mentor for their particular field to tach us for better work and new ideas about our work get some mentoring to get direction our work 

The best learning is who has already done their work and some experience there work and they teach us to better work and less mistake and our work is done 

keyboard shortcut

In day to day life, we have used computer or laptop and this system is part of our life but we cant use shortcut key we have must learn to their shortcut key for MS Excel, MS Word, PPT and many others for use 

In day to day life, we have to use excel or word and we have must learn their shortcut and save more time  

Improve your typing speed 

First, we have learned to shortcut key and then we have must our typing speed for better work for if you blogger then there is must skill to typing speed and save more time if we have worked have complete or deadline

Improving a typing speed is must have required skill

Get rid of time wester

First, define your time waster for what is your energy suck and then try to stop them in any time we have time waster in daily life sometimes there are people and some time in apps we have must try to less there our time west we have must do for a stop their time west.

Plan your meals in advance

Every day we have must plan our meal in advance this is best save time and doing for prepare formel and we have best to best make our meal we have must include in the meal to more protein and less fat for our body 

That we have must plane our daily meal on advance

Phone with caller id apps

We have must-have apps to find an unknown number for and we have decided to pick and not pick this phone we have cut and doing our work for better productivity 

We have not lost over-focus play store we have true caller apps to when caller apps must use

Autopay bills

When best productivity is automation in Morden day we have many apps to recurring cut payment system we have must use this app for auto par bill this system we have most of savings over time.

We have not required over confirmation we have set up one time and  auto payment system start we have must use this app 

Take shorter shower 

Some people have a 30 to 40-minute shower they have much time spend with the bathroom and kill their time for productivity we have must try to shorter shower and less spend time in the bathroom.

This is a daily activity for we have must find out to shortcut their a system we have this time to use other activity use.

Shop online

In Morden age we have many e-commerce application available we have must try to online shopping we have must use to there system and we have all time use coupon code system for save extra money and less spend money

We have in play store much online shopping systems available  

80/20 rules use 

Our 20% work is done by 80% other work we have must use this technique for their system we have all day only 20% work are done by 80% work we have many books writing for this method we have must use this method in this book are available on the online and hard paper book you have must read this book.

Read autobiography successful people

We have must-read people autobiography and feel about what they work and their trial and failures are in their life we have many ways to find out a new idea for other project and sometimes we have inspired for their work 

This book is available for online and we have read and we have inspired their life, experience 

Find reputable shortcut

We have some task are reputable for day to day life so we have to find to a many ways to use shot cut and save many time and this time we have 

We have used their shortcut to time saver for reputable work to easy to work we have must find their reputable shortcut. 

Manage your energy

In all day we have lots of energy required for their hard work doing and we have not one work on one day we have doing much works doing all days we have manage our energy to work another project to work

We have must learn to manage over energy and doing over great to saving energy

Eliminate interferer communication

We have learned for effective communication and we have less tack and effective communication for we have must try to our idea to tell to other people 

We have must learn communication skill to required to daily life and another field we have must seal technique this oldest skill on earth.  

Deep work

These books are most readable for focus and productivity book this book are many methods for deep work and better productivity

This also available online and any book store there have a great example and theory writing and this is new your bestselling books 

We have just read these books follow their method 

Make fewer decisions

Many successful people are they have few decisions on the day they have less decision on amazon founder they have only 3 decisions in a day they have done more productivity work 

If we have few decisions on the day but productive and this method is doing quality work and our life and career for doing better productivity.

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