10 Way How To Be More Productive That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

how to be more productive

Many times I have question to how to be more productive and I have to look at some people too busy in their work and I inspired those people and I figure out what technique they use.

I talk to people and watch this person I realized they have work to productive work and they have highly productive people so I research how to be highly productive in my life.

And they have some differences from other ordinary people and some question in my mind to how to be a more productive person in life and how to more productive with time management  achieve my goal to 

As office work, some work being done to very high time consuming and some people in my office easily doing heavy load work in an easy way the have more productive so again this question in my mind how to be more productive at work 

In-home we have family and family is everything and we have responsibility our parents and kids, wife and we have work to both sides one side of the family and another side of our side hustle and both of they we have managed so this type of question for how to be more productive at home 

As a student, we have one goal for study and high grade and achieve our goal so the study is not important effective study is important as a student we have an all-time question in our mind how to more productive while a study and How to more productive for student

What is productivity?

Let’s define productivity. Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of a person completing a task. We often assume that productivity means getting more things done each day. Wrong. Productivity is getting important things done consistently. And no matter what you are working on, there are only a few things that are truly important.

Being productive is about maintaining a steady, average speed on a few things, not maximum speed on everything.

How to be more productive in everyday and life for we have achieved for our goal and our dream life and many more 

How to be more productive?

Highly productive people can seem like magicians or robots. Most of the time, the most efficient people you meet have managed to find ways to overcome procrastination and other challenges.

1. Goal

How to be a more productive person

First, we have decided what is our future is what about the next five to achieve this goal what we achieve in life 

That is our life purpose this is the main reason to all people have at least one  goal in our life   

The written goal is most effective to more clarity to our life purpose this reason we have one page write to goal all list thing to in life do.

We have many goals for career, family, finance, spiritual, hobbies many other things. We have many types of goal for life that the reason for wite a goal for written on paper 

2. Planning 

Planning is most important for productivity because we have a thing to do in life and our path is clear.

A goal without planning is a dream.

So planning is most important and we have five-year planning and this planning to break in many staps for yearly, monthly, weekly, daily.

We have divided into a small task on a daily basis and achieve for monthly goal and monthly goal convert into a yearly goal.

Small tasks win and we have more confidence for our next task this is a small system to active our goal for our goal and we have more satisfaction in life.

3. Focus on most important tasks

How to improve your focus and more productive there is the first question in your mind to we have an effective solution 

Productive people have first focus most crucial task because if the first important task to your goal closer and active, this goal. 

Because we have goal setting and we have planned so that is the main reason for we have defined to what is a most important task in our life what is most priority for our life.

We have daily one task for our main goal work and achieve this goal for and this is our main focus and important task for life.

We have priority for that type of task for top priority and do the work. 

4. Deep work

Yes deep work is important work for our important task and go to deep work more focus actually hyper-focus on life

Deep work for success and our success is achieved for our goal.

Deep work mainly flows our work and we have never bored to work for we have to do.

Keep our finding spare time not other people disturbing you and we have without intera[tion your work is done and complete task for our deadline period and we have major time to another task to do 

This is magic for deep work and priority of our productivity  

5. Distraction list.

First, of what we have done with deep work we have work for what is more distracting our life we have to decide to and writing in the list.

example – phone ringing, social media, TikTok, unproductive work for with our reason we have done.

We have creat this type of list and keep distance and finding a way to how we have decreased in our life immediately to stop them.

We have limited time to check our email and watch social media and in this fixed timing to do this work.

We have our screen time to reduce and more focus to our goal and complete our small task.

6. Stop multi-task

Multitasking is west for a time and this is killing our productivity. This is bad for our creativity 

Because our brain is not able to multitask and we have to do to multitasking we have more mistakes and we have more mistakes and we have correct these mistakes we have west of time.

We have multiple to switch on work to another work we have at list new task start to 15 minutes and we have multiple to switch our work we have all time 15 minutes west and this is bad for productivity 

And this we have frustrated and never completed the task and not completed another task and all time we have unproductive 

So please stop multi-tasking one time to one work.

7. Time Blok System

In our six topics stop multitasking but we have many goals for wealth, career and many others so we have not to do multi-task so what kind to achieve out many goals 

That problem solution is time blocking system yes even Elon musk founder of Tesla, SpaceX, and many other companies founded this person use this system and achieve their goal

First, we have priorities work and we have to calculate timing to complete this task and we have this time to block and only one work start for and complete this task.

We have used google calendar and another app to use to time block system and we have done this work.

8. Journaling 

Journaling is safe to place and record maintenance to what we do for achieving our goal.

There is good for health because research found to people are journaling they have reduced mental stress and become more happy hen other people 

There is a track to our goal and we have a real idea to we have work done for step by step 

We have in journaling we have maintained our mistakes and our failure and what reason to we have faile and we have don’t the same mistake  again and again 

Starting journaling if you write pen and paper or digital writing like google doc, ms word, the notion and other application to use the main point is starting a journaling 

9. Organization work

How to be more productive at work

Organization work is we have some work and related work to segregation and step by step to plan for doing and we have reduced our time to do that is the organization.

We have used for work organized and the same thing in one place and we have don’t time wast for finding the theme 

Writing a paper to what paper which place and this is system reduces a strace and we have feel good 

We have in mobile push notification and organized all apps to our use purpose 

We have used for other apps for an organized life and reduce a strace 

10. Tracking 

There is not app tracking there is work tracking because the tracking our goal and we have not missed our path 

We have work for the right side we have not misplaced our path 

Sometimes we have forgotten our goal and what we do so we have frequently tracked our goal and we have pride in our work.

That is the best way to complete task and entry our software or apps and timely track our productivity 

Tracking time and work is the best habit for productivity there is every successful person use this technique and achieved their goal 

In market many tracking software and apps for use in productivity and maser our success.

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